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Since 2015 we have been travelling the land of the rising sun to discover ever new and exciting treasures of spirits for you. Our customers are Japan lovers and experts as well as mixologists, cool bars and sophisticated restaurants. You will find the famous Japanese whisky, exciting gin creations and fancy liqueurs. And of course the classics from Japan: Sake and Shochu!

Delicious cocktails with Cherry Blossom Liqueur. Bring the cherry blossom to your home and create a hanami blossom show at your place.

Ginza Sakura Bash

Bring the cherry blossom to your home with the Dover Sakura Liqueur. Four bartenders from Munich, Hamburg and Berlin have developed great recipes with the Cherry Blossom Liqueur for us. Discover the exciting cocktail creations here and download the official booklet for the Ginza Sakura Bash!

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Very Green: Der "Hecho en Tokyo" - Tequila auf Matcha mit Vanille

Der "Hecho en Tokyo" ist ein schöner, grüner und überaus köstlicher Drink, in dem Tequila mit Matcha Likör und unserem neuen Vanilla Umeshu kombiniert werden. Der Matcha-Likör gibt seine tiefgrüne Farbe ganz wunderbar in dem Drink wieder, die Agave-Note wird sanft von der Vanille umarmt.

14 new products in our shop: From A like Awamori to V like Vodka

14 new products you can find in our shop now. We are happy about a new barrel-aged gin, a new vodka, a coriander herbal spirit, two Awamoris, two new Umeshus, a black tea liqueur and six new Shochus. Our shochu selection thus grows to 33 shochus made from 12 different raw materials!

Ginza Sakura Bash: Three great signature drinks with Dover Sakura Liqueur

Slowly the cherry blossom begins in Japan. Unfortunately, we can't travel to Japan for Hanami, nor can we host the cherry blossom festivals. So that you can bring the Cherry Blossom time to your home, four bartenders have created delicious signature drinks with our Dover Sakura Liqueur. The results are sophisticated cocktails that are easy for you to recreate at home.
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