What is sparkling sake?

Sparkling Sake has been very popular in Japan for several years now and has partly replaced Prosecco there. The sake, which is commonly known as "Sparkling Sake", is also produced in the same way as Prosecco, by carbonating the sake.

Another production method is barrel fermentation: sake generally contains carbon dioxide, which is produced by the yeast by getting into contact with sugar. Instead of letting the carbon dioxide escape from the barrel, it is left in it at low temperatures wich carbonates the sake. This process is comparable to beer production.

A third way to produce Sparkling Sake is bottle fermentation, which is the same method used to make champagne or sparkling wine. The process is similar to barrel fermentation, except that the fermentation takes place in a bottle.

Sparkling Sake often has a low alcohol content, with 5-7% vol. However, there is also higher bottled Soarkling Sake with 11-15% vol.

Incidentally, in Formula 1 in Japan, Sparkling Sake is often sprayed on the podium instead of champagne. Sparkling Sake impresses with its fruity taste and its good digestibility. It often comes in small, buten bottles and looks beautiful and trendy.


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