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Dassai Shochu 39°
Dassai Shochu 39° - Ginza Berlin
Dassai Shochu 39°
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Dassai Shochu 39°.
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Dassai Shochu 39° - Ginza Berlin
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Dassai Shochu 39°.

Dassai Shochu 39°

Asahi Shuzo / Dassai

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The name "Dassai" is for many sake lovers synonymous with Japanese premium sake, but few know that there is also a Shochu in the Dassai series. This is a sake kasu shochu (or kasutori shochu), which is a shochu produced from the finest Daiginjo marc of Dassai sake. The Dassai Shochu is extremely rare and a true rarity on the Shochu market, since the raw material for this noble spirit is only available in small quantities. The Dassai Shochu convinces with its wonderfully fruity and clear Daiginjo aroma and certainly inspires every sake lover.


Dassai Shochu is produced by Asahi Shuzo in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The company is known worldwide for its Dassai sake. From the marc of this famous sake, the Dassai Shochu is produced. However, only in small quantities, because the raw material, the sake kasu, is only available in limited form. The sake yeast of the Asahi Sake Brewery is pressed from Daiginjo sake. This makes the Dassai Shochu just as special as the Dassai Sake.

The scent of Dassai Shochus is particularly fruity and of course very reminiscent of Nihonshu. A slight sweetness can be felt as well as the clear aroma. It feels like drinking a very strong sake. This shochu is very refreshing, has a full body and an interesting complexity.

The Dassai Shochu is also known as the "Phantom Shochu" because it is so hard to get.

The Dassai Shochu 39° goes very well in food pairing with seafood, lean meats, vegetables and sweet desserts. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or extended with cold water.

Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alc.: 39% vol.
Only for sale toage persons
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin, Germany

About Dassai / Asahi Shuzo

Dassai is probably a term for every sake connoisseur, because for many this name is THE term for premium sake. In Yamaguchi Prefecture, the brewery produces only premium sake, and, as a by-product of this, Dassai Shochu, made from the finest Daiginjo marc.

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