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Matsufuji Awamori - Ginza Berlin

Matsufuji Awamori

Sakiyama Awamori Distillery

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Awamori is Okinawas traditional spirit, which is always produced from rice and black koji. The great Matsufuji is a blend of matured and freshly distilled awamori and is particularly mild and profound. Produced in Kunigami on Okinawa, also called the island of the centenarians, on the basis of especially long fermented rice.


The Matsufuji Awamori is produced by the Sakiyama Awamori Distillery in Kunigami on Okinawa. The traditional company has been around since 1905 and this Awamori is the company's premium product. The rice koji is fermented for three days (with most Awamoris, this happens in only two days), which makes the matsufuji particularly soft and complex. After distillation, it is then blended. 60% of the bottling is matured in a steel tank for at least three years, 40% is freshly distilled Awamori. In addition to the mild aroma, Matusfuji is characterised by a rich and slightly sweet taste. Paired with the spicy umami notes of black koji, it is particularly intense and profound, but with its 30% vol. still very gentle and mild. Awamori is Okinawa's traditional spirit. And since Okinawa is also home to most of Japan's over-centenarians, people here are naturally sure that there is a connection.

The Matsufuji Awamori is ideal for food pairing with smoked fish and meat, fried dishes, fatty meat (e.g. pork belly) and cheese. It tastes pure or on the rocks, with soda or cold water extended it is a fantastic companion for eating.

Japanese Awamori
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alk.: 30% vol
Dispensing only topersons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About the Sakiyama Awamori Distillery

The Sakiyama Awamori Distillery was founded in 1905 in Kunigami on Okinawa and is the proud producer of Ryukyu Awamori Matsufuji, which is extremely popular throughout Japan. During World War 2, the distillery suffered enormous damage. After the war, the buildings were rebuilt and production continued. Due to the nearby Mount Onna, the area around Kunigami is blessed with great and particularly soft water, which is clearly reflected in the quality of the Awamori.

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