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Okuhida vodka

Okuhida Shuzo

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Okuhida Vodka is one of the best vodkas in the world. It is made from rice, and in a very small quantity per month. Produced according to the Russian method, this top spirit is stored in steel tanks for at least six years. The unique mildness and smoothness of Okuhida Vodka is unmistakable: subtle notes of hazelnut, yasmine and rice permeate every drop of this top spirit. A real treat and an absolute rarity!


Okuhida Vodka is produced by Okuhida Shuzo in Gero, Gifu Prefecture. The basis is Miyama Nishiki, the choicest of all Japanese rice varieties, which is mainly used in the north of Japan for sake production. In addition to this special rice, fresh, clear spring water that springs from the mountains of Hidakanayama provides the unique mildness and smoothness of this vodka. Okuhida Vodka gets its unmistakable mildness not least from its unique production method: The high-quality Miyama Nishiki rice is first processed into a kind of sake, but is triple distilled before the usual storage of sake. The resulting rice vodka is now stored for at least six years and then filtered through white birch charcoal to ensure the purity of the product. Okuhida Shuzo produces only a few bottles a year of this high-quality vodka, which is considered one of the best in the world.

The Okuhida Vodka is characterized by a creamy texture, which is marked by a clear and typical vodka character. The rice notes of Okuhida come to the fore, the mild sweetness of the sake used in the production round off the profile. Its alcohol content of a strong 55% is significantly higher than a conventional vodka, which makes it ideal for mixing first-class cocktails. But it can also be enjoyed very well pure or on the rocks.

Japanese Vodka
Net quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 55% vol
Dispensed only topersons of legal age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Okuhida Shuzo

Okuhida Shuzo is a small, family-run company and has been known for their premium first-class sake since 1720. In 1958, general manager Takagi Tomizou began experimenting with the production of vodka in addition to sake. To learn the intricacies and secrets of vodka distilling, the owner's younger brother traveled to Russia and visited a distillery friend. The recipe and production method that is still used today to make Okuhida Vodka was developed and refined there. To make the vodka as authentic as possible, Takagi Tomizou procured the distillation equipment from Russia. A few years ago, Okuhida Shuzo launched Okuhida Vodka in the elegant blue bottle. The label is printed on washi, or Japanese rice paper, and thus further enhances the Okuhida's distinctive square bottle design. 

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