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Kampou Shochu

Ookubo Shuzo

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The Kampou Shochu from Ookubo Shuzo is a particularly aromatic and strong sweet potato shochu (Imo Shochu). It is a Genshu Shochu, i.e. an original, undiluted shochu. No water is added after distillation, the alcohol content is 37% vol. The Kampou ages for more than three years in steel tanks.


The three year maturation is rather unusual for imo shochus, usually they age only for a short time. Although the Kampou Shochu is much stronger than other shochus with 37% vol, it is still extremely mild. At the beginning you can feel a slightly piquant note before a spicy umami flavour spreads through the mouth. It also has a slight sweetness due to the sweet potato. It is a complex and multi-faceted shochu with a refined taste. The carefully selected raw materials, the sweet potatoes as well as the rice for the koji rice, are grown on the distillery's own farm "Daiman Nojo" in the town of Shibushi in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Beautiful is the elegant black bottle with a banderole, which has a swing stopper. The label is also made of high-quality Washi paper. The bottle comes in an elegant gift box.

This shochu can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks. Especially recommended is to drink Oyuwari, i.e. prolonged with hot water, because the taste of the Imo unfolds so well. The Kampou Shochu goes very well with fried fish and meat, but also with sweet desserts such as Kaiserschmarrn.

Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alk.: 37% vol
Only available topersonsoffull age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Adalbertstraße 37-38, 10179 Berlin

About Ookubo Shuzo

Ookubo Shuzo was founded in 1893 as Kubo Jozo, and has been operating under its present name since 1990. Since that time, the company has also had its own sweet potato production. Ookubo Shuzo is known throughout the country for the good quality of its Imos. The distillery also supplies this extremely popular shochu raw material to many other shochu producers in Japan. The company is located in the city of Shibushi, Kagoshima Prefecture, on the Osumi Peninsula at the southern tip of the island Kyūshū. Here, Mount Kirishima, a 1,700-metre-high volcano, with its ashes provides extremely good conditions for growing high-quality sweet potatoes. Almost all Imo Shochus are produced in Kagoshima Prefecture. Ookubo Shuzo is a small company, only 12 people take care of everything from growing, harvesting and processing the Imos to producing the Shochus. All steps are done by hand, more craft is not possible! A special feature is the revival of the cultivation of a traditional rice variety, which was only cultivated until the Meiji era (1868). For 160 years this rice variety was almost forgotten in Japan, until Ookubo Shuzo started to cultivate it again on their fields to use it for some of their shochus.

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