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MIO Sparkling Sake (750ml) - Ginza Berlin

MIO Sparkling Sake (750ml)

Takara Shuzo

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A taste that is guaranteed to enchant you and an absolute trend in Japan! MIO Sparkling Sake tastes light, fruity and sparkling and has long been drunk in the land of the rising sun instead of prosecco or champagne. 


MIO Sparkling Sake has fruity aromas and a natural sweetness. Grapes, melon and ripe pears can be tasted. The sweetness is paired with a pleasant and very gentle, refreshing acidity. Discreetly used is the carbonic acid, which is neither too strong nor too weak. Sparkling Sake is produced according to the traditional brewing method and consists of water, rice and koji. The low alcohol content of 5% makes sparkling sake a light companion.

MIO in Japanese stands for the whitecap that is created behind a gently gliding ship. This is of great importance for a drink that has long been making waves in Japan. MIO Sparkling Sake has a particularly beautiful and slim bottle design and should be enjoyed chilled. In Japan, it is a trend to simply drink from the bottle with a straw. And that looks good too... In Formula 1, in the Land of the Rising Sun, bottles of Sparkling Sake were already being sprayed on the winners' podium instead of champagne.

MIO is brewed in Nada in Hyogo Prefecture. This region is considered one of the best for sake production in Japan. The first sake production is said to have started about 700 years ago right here. Brewers in this area are responsible for over a quarter of the sake production in the entire country, making Nada the largest sake-producing region in Japan.

MIO Sparkling Sake is an ideal aperitif, but also goes well with lighter dishes or as an accompaniment to desserts. And of course it is the perfect alternative for those who don't like beer so much...

Sparkling Sake, Origin: Japan
Net Quantity: 750 ml
Alk.: 5% vol.
Dispensed only topersons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Takara Shuzo Co.

MIO Sparkling Sake is produced by Takaru Shuzo The company can look back on a long tradition in the production of alcoholic beverages. Founded in Kyoto in 1842, the distillery concentrated on brewing sake and distilling shochu. In 2011, Takara Shuzo launched its successful product MIO Sparkling Sake, which was an immediate success in Japan. By the way, Takara Shuzo is still the biggest shochu producer in Japan today. MIO Sparkling Sake is brewed by Shirakabegura Brewery in Nada, Hyogo, which belongs to the Takara Group. The region is known for its great premium sake.


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