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Piment Shochu (Green Pepper) - Ginza Berlin

Piment Shochu (Green Pepper)

Ochiai Shuzojyo

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Ochiai Shuzojyo's Shochu pimento is made from green peppers, a speciality of Miyazaki. The taste of this shochu is also very special: a ripe aroma of green pepper, paired with a spicy sweetness and at the same time spiciness, provides an extremely refreshing drinking sensation. This shochu can also bring a great spiciness to cocktails by adding a small amount. About 10 peppers are used per bottle.


Ochiai Shuzojyo is based in beautiful Miyazaki on the island of Kyūshū. Owner Ryohei Ochiai is one of the most creative people in his industry: he likes to try out the unusual and produces results that are well worth seeing. His shochu range includes classics made from barley (mugi) or sweet potato (imo) as well as unusual raw materials such as shochu made from pumpkin, ginger or green peppers. This shochu takes its name from the Spanish name for paprika - "pimentón" or "pimiento", as the taste of the specialty from Miyazaki is most similar to its Spanish counterpart. Compared to our domestic green peppers, these taste much spicier and hotter and are much smaller and darker green. Allspice is chosen as the short form. Converted to weight, around 10 peppers are used per bottle for this shochu. The allspice shochu tastes very fresh and has the full aroma of ripe peppers. The spicy sweetness and simultaneous heat make this shochu so unique.

Incidentally, green peppers were introduced to Japan in the 19th century and were mainly cultivated as an ornamental plant. The popularity of peppers as a food product increased after the Second World War, after many American products poured into Japan. Today, Japanese green peppers are mainly grown in Miyazaki Prefecture and are available in supermarkets and local markets in Asia, Europe and selected regions in the United States.

The Piment Shochu with its 25% vol. fits ideally to strong dishes with beef (about Szechuan kind) as well as to strongly spiced dishes, but also to different vegetables and white meat. It can be enjoyed especially well on the rocks or with soda and lots of ice. It is also delicious when prolonged with cold water (Mizuwari), but should then be mixed in the ratio 1:1. The green pepper shochu is also great for cocktails, as it brings a natural spiciness to them.

Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 500 ml
Alc.: 25% vol.
Sold only to persons of legal age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin, Germany

About Ochiai Shuzujyo

Ochiai Shuzo was founded in 1909 in Miyazaki. The entire Miyazaki prefecture is famous for its fantastic shochus. Ochiai is a 4th generation family-run distillery, preserving the traditions of its 100-year past while evolving. While most shochus are made from sweet potatoes, barley, brown sugar or even rice, president and owner Ryohei Ochiai is known for breaking new ground and trying a lot. Thus, his distillery creates high-quality shochus from unusual raw materials in small production, such as pumpkin, green pepper, ginger or even yomogi.


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