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Nayuta No Toki Soba Shochu

Unkai Shuzo

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Nayuta No Toki Shochu from Unkai Shuzo is a barrel-matured soba shochu (buckwheat) that is particularly mild and gentle in taste. It is stored for over three years in oak barrels in a disused railway tunnel of the Kyushu Railways in the small town of Gokase. The temperature here in Miyazaki Prefecture is relatively constant all year round, the air is particularly clear and the taste of the Shochu is strongly influenced by nature. Very fine vanilla notes come from the barrel, and when the bottle is opened, a wonderful soba aroma spreads.


The Nayuta No Toki Shochu tastes refreshing and mineral with slightly sweetish notes from buckwheat as well as from the barrel. Exquisite buckwheat is used as well as the particularly soft and clean water that surrounds the city of Gokase with its almost 4,000 inhabitants by the river of the same name. This soba shochu is made with white koji as well as rice koji after the buckwheat is heated and ground to gently remove the hull. Aging in oak barrels in the old Japan Railways (JR) railway tunnel, which acts as a natural storage facility, gives Nayuta No Toki its special flavor and golden color. Incidentally, Unkai Shuzo is the inventor of soba shochu, and it was here that buckwheat was processed for shochu production for the very first time in 1974. The Nayuta No Toki already convinced in various competitions, including the Monde Selection Gold Award.

Nayuta No Toki is traditionally bottled at 25% vol. It can be enjoyed very well straight, with ice cubes or as highball with soda. In food pairing it goes particularly well with pasta, soba noodles, cheese and tempura as well as with sweet desserts.

Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alk.: 25% vol
Dispensed only to persons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Unkai Shuzo Co. Ltd

Unkai Shuzo Co. was founded in 1942 as Gokase Shuzo Ltd. and renamed Unkai Shuzo in 1975. Initially the company produced wine, but gradually Unkai expanded its range to include beer and shochu. The manufacturer is known for its environmentally friendly production processes. For example, recycling centers have been built at the Miyazaki and Gokase production sites and research has been conducted into the recycling of residual materials from shochu production. In 1999, the company succeeded for the first time with its patented technology in producing recycled animal feed. Today the company sells its feed to cattle farms throughout the country.

Unkai Shuzo is also known for its exquisite skills in the production of alcoholic beverages and its sense of trends. For it was here that the very first soba shochu in the country was produced. Interestingly, the company also produces "German Kölsch" and "German Alt" and successfully launched it on the Japanese market. The company has its headquarters in Miyazaki on Japan's third largest island Kyūshū, which is known as the birthplace and home of the shochu.



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