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Hikimi Kuromoji Shochu

Hikimi Kuromoji Shochu

Okadaya Honten

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An absolutely aromatic specialty is the Hikimi Ushou Morinoka Shochu! It is made from Kuromoji. Kuromoji (Lindera umbellata) is an evergreen deciduous shrub of the laurel genus that grows in the forests of Japan, where it is often used to extract essential oils. Its leaves and bark have an extremely refreshing fragrance. More recently, kuromoji has also been used in starred cuisine in Japan or France. This shochu was created as "The Forest Liquor". 


The production of Hikimi Shochu is a joint project of Aioya Ltd. in cooperation with Okadaya Honten Distillery and Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology. Aoiya is a small company originally established to revive the wasabi business in the region and boost the economy with local resources. Hikimi, the region in Shimane Prefecture where the company is located, is 96% deciduous forest. Kuromoji, the raw material for shochu, is abundant in the wild. The region, with its beautiful waters, greenery and rock formations, is designated as a "Nishi-Chugoku-Sanchi-Quasi National Park." Because the natural conditions in the area are so ideal, Aoiya came up with the idea of producing Kuromoji Shochu and sought out Okadaya Honten, an experienced partner with the right know-how for production. Okadaya Honten was founded in 1872 in the town of Masuda in Shimane Prefecture and has been producing the finest shochu and liqueurs ever since.

For the production of this shochu, barley is first enriched with Kuromoji in the first mash (Moromi) and then distilled a mail by vacuum distillation. This brings out the flavor of the Kuromoji, also known as feverfew, particularly strong. At first, a slight sweetness appears before the scent of the forest spreads in the mouth. The etherealness shows up long and expansive in the finish. The Hikimi is an extremely fresh shochu with a very strong botanical flavor while being very mild. Kuromoji, colloquially known as "Ushou" in Japan, is antibacterial as well as relaxing and very good for the stomach. Ushou is also commonly used in teas, sweets and cooking.

The Hikimi Ushou Morinoka Shochu fits through its herbaceous and intense notes especially well with food, such as grilled meat and or spicy and strong dishes. It tastes particularly good on the rocks or with soda or even extended with tonic, and of course as an ingredient for exciting cocktails.

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Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alcohol: 25% vol
For sale to persons of legal age only
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