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Saikogura Shochu
Saikogura Shochu - Ginza Berlin
Saikogura Shochu
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Saikogura Shochu
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Saikogura Shochu - Ginza Berlin
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Saikogura Shochu

Saikogura Shochu

Matsushita Jozo

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Saikogura Shochu, produced by Matsushita Jozojo, is a genuine Kuma Shochu, as it is produced in Kumamoto Prefecture. Kuma Shochu is a WTO-protected geographical region like Bordeaux in France or Chianti in Italy. Only kome shochu (rice shochu) produced in the Kuma River Valley can be called "Kuma Shochu". The Kuma region is blessed with particularly pure water thanks to the Kuma River. The extremely clean river water and the fertile valley offer ideal conditions for the production of rice shochus. Saikogura Shochu is characterized by a particularly fine and elegant taste and an intense rice aroma. Sake fans are also enthusiastic about this shochu!


Matsushita Jozojo was founded in 1804, making it the oldest distillery in Kumamoto. Saikogura Shochu was first released on the occasion of the company's bicentenary. Since then, it has received several awards in Japan for its fantastic quality, for example from the Liquor Review Committee of the Kumamoto National Tax Bureau. It is made from 100% Hinohikari rice from Kumamoto, which is considered particularly aromatic and of high quality. After distillation, this Shochu is stored in steel tanks for three years, which makes it particularly mild and gentle. The result is a pure and unadulterated rice flavour, with the aroma of steamed rice initially predominating on the nose. The Saikogura is bottled at 25% vol, is made with white koji and is very round and complex. It is distilled by vacuum distillation.

The Sakogura Shochu can be enjoyed pure or on the rocks. Prolonged with soda or cold water it is a fantastic companion to food, such as fish, sushi, sashimi, seafood and white meat.

Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alk.: 25% vol
Dispensed only topersons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Matsushita Jozo

Matsushita Jozo is the oldest Kuma distillery. Founded in 1804, it is currently being run by the 13th generation. For more than 200 years the finest Kuma Shochu has been produced here. The distillery is located in Mizukamimura, a small village in Kuma district, Kumamoto Prefecture. From rice cultivation to harvesting, only a few employees here produce everything by hand - a true small craft business. The company is also committed to the environment: For example, the shochu yeasts formed during the distillation process to produce shochu are distributed by contract farmers to fields as fertilizer. This compost is 100% organic fertilizer that is returned to nature.

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