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Kaden Honjozo Sake
Kaden Honjozo Sake
Kaden Honjozo Sake
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Kaden Honjozo Sake
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Kaden Honjozo Sake
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Kaden Honjozo Sake

Kaden Honjozo Sake


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Kaden is a Honjozo sake from Manzairaku Sake Brewery with a rice polish of 70%. The Honjozo quality level is a premium sake where a small amount of brewing alcohol may be added, namely up to 10% of the rice weight used in brewing. Kaden Honjozo is dry, extremely light and fresh, and can be enjoyed slightly warmed or chilled. It comes from the Ishikawa prefecture, which is known for its high-quality sake.


The Manzairaku Sake Kura brewery is located in Hakusan, at the foot of the mountain of the same name. The area is famous for its clear and medium-hard water, which is particularly suitable for sake brewing. The brewery has existed since the Edo period, and was founded in 1716. There are around 35 sake breweries in Ishikawa Prefecture, which have a special craft and produce fine as well as complex sake. Here, the traditional art of brewing is preserved. At the same time, they also face the challenges of modernity. Most breweries in the prefecture are small and can only produce small quantities. 

The Kaden Honjozo is a wonderful all-rounder and, compared to a Junmai sake, much lighter on the palate, so that it can in principle be drunk during an entire evening. It is dry and very easy to drink. This can sometimes be attributed to the small amount of alcohol added, as this makes the aroma and flavour characteristics of this sake very lively. The added alcohol also increases the robustness and stability of the sake, so that honjozos can usually hold their quality longer than a junmai sake, both before and after opening the bottle.

Enjoy the Kaden Honjozo well chilled in a special sake glass or alternatively in a white wine glass. This sake also tastes great slightly warmed!

Japanese Honjozo Sake
Rice polishing grade: 70%
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alk.: 15% vol
Dispensed only to persons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Manzairaku Sake Kura Co. Ltd

Manzairaku Sake Kura is one of the most renowned and oldest sake breweries in the Ishikawa Prefecture on the island Honshū. The company, which was founded in 1716, is not only known for great sake but also for fantastic umeshu. The prefecture has clear water of excellent quality, which gives the spirits produced there an intense and incomparable taste. Manzairaku means "always be happy". The brewery is located at the foot of Hakusan Mountain in the city of the same name. Since 1990, the company has been producing Umeshu in addition to sake, which has won several awards. First-class guests of the airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) regularly enjoy this delicious liqueur. By the way, this liqueur is also available in our shop.


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