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DEN-EN Platinum Shochu
DEN-EN Platinum Shochu - Ginza Berlin
DEN-EN Platinum Shochu
Download the image in the gallery viewer, DEN-EN Platinum Shochu
Download the image in the gallery viewer, DEN-EN Platinum Shochu - Ginza Berlin
Download the image in the gallery viewer, DEN-EN Platinum Shochu

DEN-EN Platinum Shochu

DEN-EN Shuzo

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Not only the bottle design, but also the taste is absolutely unique! DEN-EN Platinum is a rice shochu (kome) that is aged for three years in Mizunara oak barrels. Mizunara oak barrels are among the rarest barrels in the world. The DEN-EN Platinum has a complex taste with fruity aromas and subtly sweet and spicy wood notes thanks to its ageing in these barrels. A very special and elegant shochu that impresses across the board from the very first sip. A great rarity on the shochu market! Includes a high-quality gift box.


The producer of Platinum Shochu is DEN-EN Shuzo. The distillery is located in Satsumasendai in the Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyūshū. DEN-EN Shuzo is an absolute pioneer in the field of barrel-aged shochus. In 1956, the very first shochu was placed in a barrel here. The company continues to create new innovations in barrel storage, including the storage of rice shochu in Mizunara barrels. The storage of Shochu in these barrels is something very special.

Mizunara oak barrels are some of the most sought after barrels in the spirits industry. Mizunara is much more than a material for making barrels, it is a philosophy. It takes at least 200 years for the native Japanese oak species to mature before it can be chipped and made into barrels. The wood structure is naturally porous, lacking waterproof enzymes. Therefore, staves must be cut along the grain to minimize leaks. Together with the fact that this tree species does not grow straight as well as its high knot concentration, the process entails losses and high costs. But the effort is worth it: spirits aged in Mizunara barrels have a unique taste. The barrels provide notes of sandalwood and coconut as well as an exceedingly fruity character. Mizunara has been the "secret weapon" of Japanese whiskies for many decades, which often mature in it.

Made with white Koji, the DEN-EN Platinum matures for three years in these special barrels. The storage gives it a golden colour and a complex, rich and fruity taste. A subtle sweetness is present as well as a pleasant spice. The finish is long and intense. This shochu is a genshu shochu, bottled at 40% vol. This means that no water is added after distillation.

The DEN-EN Platinum can be enjoyed pure as a digestif. On ice or extended with water or soda it is also delicious.

Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 40% vol
Dispensed only to persons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin


About DEN-EN Shuzo

DEN-EN Shuzo was founded in 1905 in Hiwakicho Tonohara in Kagoshima Prefecture. The distillery is considered a pioneer in the field of barrel-aged shochus. In 1956, the very first mugi (barley) shochu) in the country was barreled here. Since then, they have perfected this method through much experimentation. DEN-EN Shuzo, for example, implemented the "Ongaku Jikomi" technique. For this, classical music is played to the shochu during production to speed up fermentation and improve aging in the barrel. Of course, classical music is also used in the production of the barrel-aged Imo (sweet potato) shochu, which DEN-EN worked on for 18 years.

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