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Housen Nami no Oto Junmai Sake (Koshu)

Housen Nami no Oto Junmai Sake (Koshu)

Sasaki Sake Brewery

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Housen Nami no Oto Junmai sake is a matured sake (Koshu sake) with a rice polishing degree of 65%. It is a bottle-aged sake that is stored for two years at a temperature of -5℃. This makes it particularly round and mild. It scores with earthy and spicy notes. You can taste aromas of mushrooms, wood and hazelnut. There is also a nice umami flavour. The rice used is 100% local Manamusume from Miyagi Prefecture. Aged sake is rare even in Japan.


Nami no Oto Junmai Sake (Koshu) is produced by the Sasaki Sake Brewery in Natori in Miyagi Prefecture. The brewery was built in 1871. Miyagi sake is considered one of the highest quality in Japan and has also won many awards. Unfortunately, the devastating tsunami in 2011 hit the prefecture hard, and the Sasaki Brewery was almost completely destroyed. But already in the following winter of 2012, Sasaki built a temporary brewery and resumed production. In the meantime, the Sake Kura has been completely rebuilt on the old site. Now, 150 years of experience meet state-of-the-art technology at Sasaki, and that makes sake more exciting than ever before. Housen Nami No Oto Junmai is a classic, intense and complex sake. It is an Aged Sake that is matured in the bottle for two years at a temperature of -5℃. The process makes this sake particularly round and mild. 100% Manamusume rice from the Miyagi prefecture is used. You can taste an intense rice aroma as well as light notes of wood and mushrooms. A hint of caramel appears in the finish.

Housen Nami No Oto Junmai sake goes very well with spicy and intense dishes, such as Chinese food or curry dishes. By the way, "Housen" means treasure ship, and "Nami no Oto" means the sound of the waves.

You should definitely enjoy this sake well chilled. We recommend a special sake glass or alternatively a white wine glass.

Learn more about sake from Miyagi Prefecture here .

Japanese Junmai Sake
Koshu Sake (Aged Sake), matured for 2 years
Rice polishing grade: 65%
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alk.: 15% vol
Dispensed only to persons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Sasaki Sake Brewery

Sasaki Shuzoten was founded in 1871 in Natori in the Yuriage district of Miyagi Prefecture. The sake kura is run by two brothers in the fifth generation. While the younger brother is responsible for sake production as Toji, the older one takes care of the entire management and administration of the brewery. Like almost every sake brewery in Miyagi, the devastating tsunami in 2011 hit the Sasaki brewery very hard. The company headquarters building, which was a registered material cultural asset of Japan, was completely destroyed. Fortunately, the production warehouse, located on a slightly elevated area, was spared by the tsunami. The two brothers received support from all over the country to rebuild the brewery. First, a temporary brewery was built in the Natori City Reconstruction Industrial Park to restart production. In 2019, a new sake brewery was built at the old site. With the new brewery, cutting-edge technology now meets five generations of experience, making Sasaki sake more exciting than ever before. The town of Natori is blessed with the best water from the river of the same name and the Abukuba River. Sasaki uses almost exclusively local rice from Miyagi Prefecture for its sake.

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