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Omoya Gin

Omoya Shuzo

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Directly from Iki Island comes the fantastic Omoya Gin. Made with only two botanicals - juniper berries and yuzu - this gin is extremely complex and aromatic. For the fine recipe, the distiller of Omoya Shuzo has worked closely with the laboratory of the Tokyo University of Agriculture.


The alcoholic basis for Omoya Gin is the finest Iki Shochu made from barley. Iki Island is considered the birthplace of barley shochu (mugi). To produce the gin, the two botanicals juniper berries and yuzu are first macerated for several weeks and then distilled. The yuzu fruits used for the gin come exclusively from Iki Island. The raw materials for the Shochu are also grown by the distillery on Iki Island. Omoya Shuzo is the smallest distillery on the island. Only seven people work here and take care of everything from cultivation to bottle labelling from a single source. The Omoya Gin has an exciting complexity and an extremely intense aroma, one can hardly believe that this distillate comes along with only two botanicals. First, the nose reveals a strong citrus note, before juniper joins in. The finish has a nice grain note and a slight spiciness.

Omoya Gin is very well-balanced and mild and round despite its 47% vol. The octagonal label design is inspired by Iki and is intended to evoke the island's legend of pillars. On the eastern side of Iki Island, there is a basalt pillar that magically protrudes from the surface of the water. This rock looks like a bundle of thin pillars and, according to the local creation myth, represents the eight pillars that support and protect Iki Island.

Omoya Gin is versatile and tastes great neat, as a gin and tonic (we recommend a good Indian or Dry Tonic) and is a great base for exciting cocktails.

Japanese craft gin
Net quantity: 500 ml
Alk.: 47% vol
For sale to persons of legal age only
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Omoya Shuzo

The home of Omoya Shuzo is Iki Island, a tiny island with only 28,000 inhabitants, located in the Tsushima Strait or Korea Strait between Japan and South Korea. The designation of origin "Iki Island" for Shochu was geographically protected by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 1995 (comparable to "cognac" or "champagne"). Only seven distilleries still have this special status, and Omoya, incidentally founded in 1924, is the smallest of them. Only a handful of employees work here, and everything from barley and rice cultivation to harvesting and distilling is done by hand. You can't get more craft than that!

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