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JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish
JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish - Ginza Berlin
JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish
Download the image in the gallery viewer, JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish
Download the image in the gallery viewer, JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish - Ginza Berlin
Download the image in the gallery viewer, JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish

JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish

Ooyama Jinshichi Shoten

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A barrel-aged gin from the house of Oyama Jinchichi Shoten: JIN7 Series 02 Sakura Cask Finish is aged for six months in barrels made from Japanese cherry blossom wood. As a result, JIN7 Series 02 has a subtle floral aroma, a light scent of cherry blossoms, and an exciting complexity. The 10 botanicals that are processed in this gin are integrated by the barrel storage extremely successful and pair with the elegant aroma that only a Sakura barrel has to offer.


The bright pink blossoms of cherry trees represent the arrival of spring in Japan, and the sakura season is almost the most important time of year in the Land of the Rising Sun. The cherry blossom is familiar to the Japanese as the most positive time of the year, and its popularity is spreading worldwide.

Oyama Jinchichi Shotens JIN7 Series 02 matures in barrels of this unique tree. The botanicals are beautifully integrated by the barrel notes. The total of 10 botanicals used are: Juniper berry, Aomoji (green Japanese maple), Cinnamon, Green Tea, Shell Ginger, Rose Geranium, Chilli Pepper, Black Pepper, Rosemary and Yuzu. The alcoholic base of this gin is the finest Imo Shochu (sweet potato) with black koji. The barrel notes of sakura wood provide a subtly floral and elegant aroma, a light scent of cherry blossom as well as an exciting complexity. 

Very elegant is the bottle design of the JIN7 series. While the bottle neck is decorated with wax and looks like a candle, one finds a clothing label with the botanicals on the bottle label. This is a reminder that Oyama Shoten owned a kimono shop in the 19th century, which they sold to be able to establish the distillery.

The JIN7 Series 02 has a balance between citrus, spice and herbal notes, the use of green tea also gives the gin fine bitters. We recommend enjoying this gin neat or on the rocks.

The JIN 7 Series 02 is only produced once a year, and only in a very small batch of 3,500 to 4,000 bottles. This makes it an exciting rarity on the gin market. Discover with us also the JIN7 Series 00 and the JIN7 Series 01.

Japanese Gin
Net quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 47% vol
Dispensed only to persons of legal age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Oyama Jinshichi Shoten

Oyama Jinshichi Shoten was founded in 1875 in Miyagahama, Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture. Since then, the company has been producing the finest imo (sweet potato) shochus. It is a small distillery that produces true craft products. Since September 2019, the distillery now also produces gin, the botanicals for which come from Japan's oldest herb garden "Kaimon Sanroku". Before 1875, the family also owned a kimono store in addition to the distillery. That's why there are clothing labels on the labels of the JIN7 bottles. With this, the producers always want to remember the historical roots of the family.

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