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Hon Mirin Mukashi Ikomi

Hon Mirin Mukashi Ikomi

Kankyo Shuzo

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Hon Mirin Mukashi Ikomi is a two-year matured Hon Mirin, i.e. a real Mirin, from Aichi Prefecture, the home of Mirin production. This mirin is made according to traditional craftsmanship; the only ingredients are glutinous rice, koji and rice shochu. Hon Mirin is a high-quality Japanese sweet liqueur and one of the most important seasonings in Japanese cuisine, where it is used in many ways. The most famous example is probably teriyaki sauce. Only a few and only high-quality mirin are produced in Japan in drinking quality. You should definitely enjoy this Mukashi Mirin pure.


The producer of Hon Mirin Mukashi Ikomi is Kankyo Shuzo, based in the city of Kanie in Aichi Prefecture. The prefecture is considered the home of mirin production, which has a 400-year-old tradition here. Mukashi Mirin is very soft and elegant in taste. It has an elegant natural sweetness, little acidity and a good portion of umami, and is very good for drinking. Caramel notes can be tasted as well as light chocolate aromas. The texture is creamy and the body full with an interesting complexity. This is Hon Mirin, made exclusively from natural ingredients, namely steamed glutinous rice, rice koji and rice shochu, and matured for at least 40 to 60 days. During this time, the enzymes in the rice koji break down the starch and protein of the glutinous rice to produce various sugars, amino acids and aroma components. The alcohol in the shochu interrupts further fermentation, similar to the production of port wine. Therefore, mirin has an elegant sweetness without any added sugar and can be drunk wonderfully as a liqueur or like a sweet wine. As an ingredient in cocktails, Mukashi Mirin is just as much an enrichment as a seasoning or as an exciting component for culinary experiences.

Japanese Hon Mirin (real Mirin in drinking quality), matured for 2 years
Net quantity: 500 ml
Alk.: 14% vol
Dispensing only to persons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

Once opened, please store in a cool place and consume within 12 months.

About Kankyo Shuzo

Kankyo Shuzo was founded in 1862 and is already in its 7th generation. The company has been producing mirin ever since. The small company is based in the city of Kanie in Aichi Prefecture. Kanie is also known as a water town, because a quarter of the city is occupied by rivers. Since ancient times, there have been many sake and soy sauce breweries here, because the area is blessed with particularly pure and high-quality water.

Due to the Second World War, Kankyo Shuzo was forced to temporarily stop the production of mirin because of the shortage of rice in the country, which was reserved for feeding the population. Any conversion into spices was strictly forbidden. Kankyo Shuzo concentrated on sake production at this time and owes its survival to this circumstance. Mirin production resumed in 1951, maintaining the high quality of the ingredients and the traditional production process. Kankyo Shuzo is a true craft company and uses only locally produced ingredients to control the quality and taste of its products. Many producers add sugar during the fermentation of mirin to speed up the maturation. Kankyo Shuzo does not do this. The producer does not add sugar or other additives. The resulting production process is much slower, but the flavours are much more natural and pure. And you can taste that too!



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