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Mumei Gin


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The Mumei Gin impresses with its carefully selected and tastefully intelligently used botanicals. Fine citrus notes combine with the intensity of Gyokuro - Japan's finest tea -, hops and fine Japanese mint in the finish. An absolute must-have for every gin fan!


The Mumei Gin is produced in Kurume in Fukuoka Prefecture on Japan's most southwestern island Kyushu. By the way, it is the first Japanese gin to use hops. A total of eight botanicals are used: juniper berry, coriander, bitter orange peel, yuzu, gyokuro - the finest Japanese tea, cherry leaves, hops and Japanese mint. Since gin is otherwise used in Japan more as a basis for cocktails, Oenon has specifically selected botanicals that are very familiar to the Japanese palate, so that the Mumei gin can also be enjoyed by Japanese people on its own. "Mumei" means as much as "nameless", "anonymous". The manufacturer would like to express that taste should say more than just nice words. And he has definitely succeeded in this.

Mumei Gin has an intense taste, is mild and pleasant and can be enjoyed either pure or as a gin tonic (recommendation: a neutral, light tonic). With its 40 % vol. it is much lighter than other Japanese gins. This gin is also perfect for cocktails.

Japanese Gin
Net quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 40% vol
Dispensed only topersons of legal age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Oenon

Oenon is a Japanese beverage company based in Tokyo and was founded in 1924. Under the umbrella of Oenon, sake, shochus, chuhais and much more are produced. The company name is inspired by the Greek goddess Oeno, who allegedly had the power to turn anything she wanted into wine.

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