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Ginza Tasting Box - "Shochu Explorer Box II"

Ginza Tasting Box - "Shochu Explorer Box II"

Ginza Berlin

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Due to the great success of our first Shochu Box, we have developed the Shochu Box II for you. It contains a great selection of Shochus from our range.

Shochu is the most widely drunk spirit in Japan - yet Shochu is still largely unknown outside Japan. Hardly any other drink offers more variety in basic ingredients and flavours, no other distillate is better suited as an aperitif or digestif, and above all for food pairing. Shochu is also terrific for cocktails.

With the Ginza "Shochu Explorer Box II" you can get to know Shochu comprehensively. We have put together an exciting selection from our range. You will find different raw materials as well as different types of koji and shochus with different alcohol contents - from light to genshu!

The box contains in detail:

1. nayuta no toki shochu (buckwheat, white koji)

2. samurai no mon shochu (sweet potato, black koji)

3. kiyosato shochu (potato, white koji)

4. saikogura shochu (rice, white koji)

5. kofukuru shochu (roasted barley, roasted barley koji)

6. sato no akebono genshu shochu (kokuto/brown sugar, white koji, genshu)

7. setsugoro shochu (sake kasu, white koji)

8. kagamizu shochu (ginger, white koji)

9. beniotome 101 shochu (white sesame, white koji)

10. ubugoe shochu (barley, white koji, flower yeast, genshu)

*Box contains 10 x 50 ml bottles, no manufacturer miniatures, but bottled. Please note that express delivery is not possible for tasting boxes!

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