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Mars Kasei Whisky
Mars Kasei Whisky
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Mars Kasei Whisky

Hombo Shuzo

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Direct from Nagano comes the Mars Kasei Whisky, a blend of Japanese malt and grain whisky from the house of Hombo Shuzo. The Kasei is fresh, floral and fruity with a fine smoky note. An intense whiskey with a very good price-performance level.


Mars Kasei Whisky is produced at the Shinshu Mars Distillery in Nagano Prefecture. The distillery is one of the highest distilleries in the world, and is located in the Japanese Alps at 798 meters above sea level. Hombo Shuzo chose this location because of its cool temperatures, which slow down the maturation of the whiskies, and because of the groundwater fed from snowmelt, which is particularly soft. "Kasei" translates as "Mars," just like the name of Hombo Shuzo's whisky range.

Mars Kasei whiskey is aged in different oak barrels. It is bottled at 40%. This is a NAS (No Age Statement) whiskey without age statement.

Aroma: White flowers, ripe fruit, light smoky note.

Taste: Fruity with a bouquet of honey.

Finish: Medium length with a gentle citrus aroma.

Japanese Whisky
Net quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 40% vol
Dispensing only topersons oflegal age

About Hombo Shuzo

Hombo Shuzo is a traditional producer of alcoholic beverages, founded in 1872. Originally founded to produce shochu, the company applied for a whisky licence in 1949. In 1985, this was achieved and the long-awaited distillery was opened in Shinshu to produce whisky with special Japanese characteristics. The distillery is located in the small village of Miyada high up in the Japanese Alps in Nagano, 798 metres above sea level and not far from Tokyo. Initially, whisky was only produced in winter and the rest of the year was used to produce other spirits. Due to a lack of demand, whisky production was discontinued in 1992. In 2011, Hombo Shuzo ventured a new start in whisky. In the meantime, the company has made a name for itself again on the whisky market. In terms of liqueurs and shochu, the distillery never had any difficulties in selling its products. These have been produced without interruption and are highly regarded in Japan, but also worldwide. This is reflected not least in the fact that the company wins one gold medal after another in global spirit competitions. Hombo Shuzo now has three distilleries in Japan: in addition to the Mars Shinshu Distillery in Nagano, there is also the Tsunuki Distillery and the Chiran Distillery, both located in Kagoshima Prefecture.


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