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Shinluchu Apricot Liqueur - Ginza Berlin

Shinluchu Apricot Liqueur


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If you like apricots, you will certainly love this liqueur! The Premium Shinluchu from Kirin is a top class apricot liqueur with an extra high fruit content. It is made from well-ripened apricots (Shinshu) from Nagano Prefecture, which is known for its apricot cultivation. The bottle design is particularly noble.


For the Kirin Premium Shinluchu the apricots are first pickled in alcohol. Honey is added to the juice instead of sugar. The liquid is puréed together with the soaked fruits to create a rich apricot puree. The final result is a liqueur with fruit pulp and an intense fruit flavour and a pleasant, natural sweetness. The alcohol content is 10%.

The Kirin Shinluchu is versatile. It can be enjoyed pure, but it is also very good in cocktails. Furthermore, it goes perfectly with desserts like ice cream or yoghurt. The beautiful, noble bottle is decorated with embossed apricots and the label is printed on Japanese rice paper (Washi).

Apricot liqueur from Japan
Net quantity: 300 ml
Alk.: 10% vol
Dispensing only topersons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Kirin

Kirin Co. LTD. is a Japanese beverage manufacturer, which became known in Germany and Europe mainly through its beers. The company is Japan's second largest beverage producer in terms of market share. Kirin was founded in 1885 under the name "Japan Brewery" and has been operating under the name Kirin Brewery since 1888. Kirin, the emblem of the company, is a Japanese-Chinese mythical creature, half horse, half dragon, and is considered a symbol of luck in Asia. Kirin Holdings is part of the Mitsubishi Group.

In the Japanese beer market, Kirin has been the leader for a long time, but was overtaken by Asahi in 2001. Nevertheless, the company still sells the two most popular beers in the country, namely "Kirin Lager", the oldest Japanese beer brand, and "Ichiban Shibori". Since the early 1970s, Kirin began to invest in areas other than brewing beer. Divisions for the production of Scotch whisky as well as non-alcoholic beverages were added, and in 1988 the group launched its first Chu-Hi (ready-to-drink long drink with shochu in a can). Joint ventures with Danone-Waters in the mineral water sector and Anheuser-Busch for the import of Budweiser beer secured Kirin's position in the Japanese market for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages in the long term.

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