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Dover Yomogi Liqueur (Japanese Mugwort) - Ginza Berlin

Dover Yomogi Liqueur (Japanese Mugwort)


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A fantastic liqueur, not only for mixologists: The Dover Yomogi Liqueur can be found in every well-stocked bar in Japan. Yomogi is an extremely important herb for Japanese cuisine. It is best known in Japan as a spice for Daifuki Mochi, and it also colours these mochis a beautiful green. Yomogi is said to have a healing effect, for example on skin irritations. Yomogi Liqueur is very aromatic. The liqueurs from Dover are not only of high quality but also have a natural taste. An absolute enrichment for every bar. And every cocktail.


Yomogi, or Japanese mugwort, is an extremely aromatic herb that is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine, for example by cooking the leaves and processing them with sweet mochi rice. In Taiwan, however, the leaves are fried or added to soups. The plants are very large and evergreen and have green, flaky, finely cut leaves. The hardy plant thrives in most climates and is traditionally used in Eastern medicine. Mugwort is closely related to wormwood, but is less bitter and much milder in taste.

The Yomogi Liqueur is versatile and was developed by Dover not only for the professional bar scene, but also for the production of pastries, sweets and desserts. The liqueurs from Dover bring seasonality and Japanese flavours to cocktails, gastronomy and patisserie.

The Dover Yomogi Liqueur is with 25% vol. very gentle and mild and is of course also suitable for drinking pure. The black bottle combines the light protection for the high-quality bottle contents with an elegant design. The handle on the back ensures excellent handling in professional use.

Japanese Yomogi Liqueur
Net content: 700 ml
Alc.: 25% vol
Sales to adults only
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Melchiorstraße 26, 10179 Berlin

About Dover Ltd

Dover was founded in 1969 and is both an importer of major brands of spirits for the Japanese market (such as Grand Marnier, Remy Martin, Verpoorten) and a producer of over 200 high-quality spirits in Japan. Among other things, the company produces its range of liqueurs for the professional and demanding use of mixologists and bartenders at its production facilities in Kobe and Kanagawa, capturing the Japanese world of flavours and making them available for expert use. In addition, Dover has also kept patisserie, gastronomy and confectionery in mind when producing this series.

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