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Ryukyu Gold Awamori
Ryukyu Gold Awamori - Ginza Berlin
Ryukyu Gold Awamori
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Ryukyu Gold Awamori
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Ryukyu Gold Awamori - Ginza Berlin
Download the image in the gallery viewer, Ryukyu Gold Awamori

Ryukyu Gold Awamori

Shinzato Shuzo

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The Ryukyu Gold Awamori comes from the oldest Awamori distillery in Okinawa and is extremely smooth and mild. This Awamori is complex and has a full body. Awamori is Okinawa's traditional spirit, always produced from (Thai) rice and black koji. The Ryukyu Gold is a blend of 60% aged (Kusu) and 40% freshly distilled Awamori.


Ryukyu Gold is produced by Shinzato Shuzo on Okinawa Honto, Okinawa's main island. It is the oldest distillery in Okinawa, founded in 1846, and is already being run by the 7th generation. Traditional craftsmanship meets visions of modernity here. Shinzato Shuzo's Awamoris have won many awards and are extremely delicious. For example, the Ryukyu Gold award won the Highest Silver 2011 at the ISWC 2011.

The Ryukyu Gold 30 consists of 60% matured Awamori (Kusu) and 40% freshly distilled Awamori and is blended. It is produced by means of atmospheric distillation. In addition to its mild aroma, this Awamori is characterized by a rich and slightly sweet taste. Coupled with the subtle umami notes of black koji, it is intense and deep, yet very smooth and mild at 30% by volume. Awamori is Okinawa's traditional spirit. And since Okinawa is also home to most of Japan's over-centenarians, people here are naturally sure there's a connection.

In food pairings, Ryukyu Awamori is ideal with smoked fish and meat, fried foods, fatty meats (e.g. pork belly) and cheese. It tastes great neat or on the rocks, extended with soda or cold water it is a fantastic accompaniment to food.

Japanese Awamori
Net quantity: 720 ml
Alk.: 30% vol
Dispensed only to persons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin

About Shinzato Shuzo
Shinzato Shuzo is considered the oldest distillery on the island of Okinawa. Until 1879, Okinawa was part of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The heritage of Shinzato Distillery dates back to 1846, when a handful of families in three villages were given the honor by the monarchy of the Ryukyu Kingdom to produce the traditional local spirit called Awamori. As one of the appointed distilleries, the Shinzato family had a claim to produce the very best Awamori for the ancient royalty. To this day, the traditional methods have been maintained and the spirit of 175 years of corporate culture has been inherited. From (vintage) awamori to awamori-based liqueurs, the company makes products that are true to traditional craftsmanship while embracing visions of modernity. Shinzato Shuzo is based on Okinawa Honto, Okinawa's main island. Shinzato Shuzo's awamoris have won many awards and are exceedingly delicious.

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