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Kaseda 30 Years Mais Shochu - Ginza Berlin

Kaseda 30 Years Corn Shochu

Bansei Shuzo

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An absolute rarity from Kagoshima Prefecture! The 30-year-old corn Shochu (Tomorokoshi Shochu) Kaseda 30 is a total rarity on the Shochu market and very special in taste. Corn from Canada, which is actually used exclusively for the production of bourbon, is used as the raw material. With this delicacy, one rightly asks: Isn't Shochu perhaps even better than whisk(e)y? The Kaseda matures for 30 years in American oak barrels and is particularly mild.


The Kaseda 30 is manufactured by Bansei Shuzo in Kasedatakahashi in Kagoshima Prefecture. Production is similar to that of American bourbon: a high-quality blend is produced as a distillate with 51% corn, the rest is made up of rye and barley. The storage takes place in American oak barrels. Due to the long-term storage of 30 years, this corn ahochu has taken on a wonderful amber colour, it convinces with its particularly mild taste. One can also call this shochu Bourbon in Japanese style. With its 34% vol. it is easy to drink and very gentle. The high corn content gives it a light sweetness. The Kaseda 30 is a rarity, which is only produced in very small quantities.

The Kaseda 30 should be drunk straight in order not to spoil the elegant and mild taste from the long maturation and ageing.

Japanese Shochu
Net quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 34% vol
Only available topersonsoffull age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Adalbertstraße 37-38, 10179 Berlin


About Bansei Shuzo

Bansei Shuzo was founded in 1899 and is based in Kasedatakahashi in Kagoshima Prefecture on the island Kyūshū. Besides the Kaseda corn shochu, high quality sweet potato Shochu is also produced here. The Mannose River flows through the prefecture and is known for its particularly clear and soft water, which naturally has a positive effect on shochu production.

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