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Yomeishu ginseng liqueur

Yomeishu ginseng liqueur


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Energizingly delicious: Three types of ginseng and 12 herbs, mostly from Asian medicines, make Yomeishu Ginseng Liqueur a very special drop. Dried ginseng, steamed ginseng and eleuthero (Siberian ginseng / taiga root) are used, as well as herbs, goji berry, cardamom, reishi mushroom or even jujube (Chinese date). A fantastic herbal liqueur that is versatile - for example, in a cocktail or as a digestif.



Manufacturer Yomeishu is known in Japan for its eponymous product, Yomeishu Liqueur. The history of what is probably Japan's oldest medicinal liqueur dates back to 1602. Yomeishu is thus an absolute expert in the use of plants and herbs in the production of alcoholic beverages. The three types of ginseng, as well as the 12 herbs used in total, are first steeped in alcohol to bring out the flavor and extract the ingredients. Then, sugar syrup and apple juice are added to sweeten. The 12 herbs are: Jujube (Chinese date), Guarana, Goji berries, Chenpi (dried tangerine peel), Lily, Longan, Black pepper, Cardamom, Apricot kernel, Citrus extract, Maca ("Peru Ginseng" / cruciferous plant) and Reishi mushroom.

Yomeishu Ginseng Liqueur is slightly bitter, very complex, invigorating as well as spicy and has a slight sharpness in the finish. By the way, the manufacturer has patented his special production method for this liqueur (patent no. 4372187).

This liqueur can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks and is a sophisticated ingredient for exciting cocktails.

For the Yomeishu Ginseng Liqueur neither fragrances nor colorants are used. Please shake well before drinking! After opening, please store in the refrigerator.

Japanese herbal liqueur
Net quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 15% vol
Dispensed only to persons of full age
Importer: Ginza Berlin GmbH, Pfalzburger Straße 20, 10719 Berlin


About Yomeishu Seizo

Headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Yomeishu is best known in Japan for its eponymous Yomeishu Liqueur. This is Japan's oldest medicinal liqueur, with a history dating back to 1602, so Yomeshu has an exceedingly wealth of experience in the use of plants and herbs in the production of alcohol. While many liqueurs such as Chartreuse or Jägermeister have moved away from their medicinal roots and have long been found in bars around the world, Yomeishu liqueur is still considered more of a medicinal product. It is sold in pharmacies across the country. Then, in early 2019, the company launched three craft spirits: the Kanomori Gin, the Kanoshizuku Gin, and a Craft Gin Cocktail. The portfolio was finally expanded a short time later to include the Yomeishu Ginger Liqueur as well as the Yoemishu Ginseng Liqueur, which are also available outside pharmacies. Incidentally, the company is keen to make its contribution to climate protection and had a solar park built in Tsurugashima City in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, in 2013. This generates electricity for 400 to 500 households per year.

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